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Entertainment Schedule at The Wishing Well


Entertainment Schedule 


Friday, June 6: Roger Held

Saturday, June 7: Rob Aronstein

Friday, June 13: Christine Spero

Saturday, June 14: Rob Aronstein

Friday, June 20: Roger Held

Saturday, June 21: Rob Aronstein

Friday, June 27: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, June 28: Christine Spero


Friday, July 4:

Saturday, July 5: Rob Aronstein

Friday, July 11: Roger Held

Saturday, July 12: Rob Aronstein

Friday, July 18: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, July 19: Rob Aronstein

Sunday, July 20: Rob Aronstein

Monday, July 21: Mike Purcell

Tuesday, July 22: Larry Finke

Wednesday, July 23: Christine Spero

Thursday, July 24: Rob Aronstein

Friday, July 25: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, July 26: Rob Aronstein

Sunday, July 27: Rob Aronstein

Monday, July 28: Noreen Pratt

Tuesday, July 29: Chris Dollard

Wednesday, July 30: Christine Spero

Thursday, July 31: Rob Aronstein


Friday, August 1: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, August 2: Rob Aronstein

Sunday, August 3: Rob Aronstein

Monday, August 4: Roger Held

Tuesday, August 5: Mike Purcell

Wed., August 6: Rob Aronstein

Thursday, August 7: Christine Spero

Friday, August 8: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, August 9: Rob Aronstein

Sunday, August 10: Rob Aronstein

Monday, August 11: Noreen Pratt

Tuesday, August 12: Chris Dollard

Wed., August 13: Christine Spero

Thursday, August 14:Rob Aronstein

Friday, August 15: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, August 16:Rob Aronstein

Sunday, August 17: Rob Aronstein

Monday, August 18: Roger Held

Tuesday, August 19: Mike Purcell

Wed., August 20: Christine Spero

Thursday, August 21:Rob Aronstein

Friday, August 22: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, August 23:Rob Aronstein

Sunday, August 24: Rob Aronstein

Monday, August 25: Noreen Pratt

Tuesday, August 26: Chris Dollard

Wed., August 27: Christine Spero

Thursday, August 28:Rob Aronstein

Friday, August 29: Rob Aronstein

Saturday, August 30:Rob Aronstein

Sunday, Sep. 31: Rob Aronstein

Monday, Sep. 1: Roger Held



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