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The Wishing Well’s Boxing Day Dinner

Thursday, December 26th

Served 4 to 9 p.m.



First Course

Country Pate, mustard, cornichons

Leftovers Soup, turkey, ham, vegetables

Fish Cake, tartar



Second Course

Poached Salmon, peas & mint

Roast Prime Rib, au jus, Yorkshire Pudding Classic

Baked Ham, apple glaze, Coleman’s mustard



Third Course

Mrs. Lee’s English Trifle

Mince Meat Bread Pudding

Baked pears stuffed with chocolate, nuts and marzipan


Full dinner menu available

518.584.7640 for reservations




Wine & Spirit Team Building Events in Our Private Dining Room!

Waiting for the perfect time to open that rare bottle? Looking to take your wine group to a different level? For groups of eight or more, we will develop a multi-course tasting menu paired with your beverage selection or ours. Whether your team would like to explore west coast pale ales, locally handcrafted spirits or reds from the Languedoc, our staff will provide your guests with gourmet food and professional commentary to complement your evening. An intimate private dining room accommodates up to 16 guests, and prices start at $75 per person.

Wishing Well Restaurant

Wishing Well Restaurant